A downloadable game for Windows

In a far, far future post-apocalyptic war-torn and devastated country.

The year is 2017. The place is Washington D.C. Our silent protagonist carjacks an abandoned tank in hopes of an escape towards the Great North, near the lands of the Free and the places of Maples & Moose's. You're not alone in this short adventure though, someone is talking to you through the radio. Except it's not someone... it's THE TANK!

Well, that was the concept anyway, didn't have time to finish it! Made for the 1-bit Clicker jam obviously, but internet died right before the deadline. RIP.

Sorry for the lack of clear instructions and/or goals in-game! It's REALLY hard to 'lose' though, and the only way to 'win' it is to press forward.

Install instructions

The game is made with Unity, so just run the executable file and you're good to go.

DO NOT START IN FULLSCREEN (for some reason, the scene will turn upside-down and the framerate will drop because of the noise postprocess shader). While in-game, press Alt-Enter to switch to fullscreen (it'll scale to fit your screen, not pretty but better than nothing!)

If the game doesn't seem to work, please try another screen resolution!


1-bit-tank-road-trip-win.zip 17 MB
Version 1 Apr 15, 2017


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Very interesting. I wish it had sound :)

The feel reminds me of The Fallen and Killbox...


Sorry for the lack of sound effects & music! Love & subscribed to your channel. My silly game prototype here certainly can't measure up to the games you linked though, for they have depth and a message to the players! Anyway, thanks for playing small indie games!